Make a turn and gain momentum for turmentum

Sometimes self development requires us to make conscious decisions to improve situations. I’d like to suggest a little concept I came up with called turmentum, a combination of a turn and momentum. A lot of times you might feel stuck, like your going in the wrong direction or just plain

Stand Up Guys Movie Review & Film Summary (2013)

There is no question in my mind that if you are a fan of one or all three stars in this film, you will enjoy almost every minute of this flick. Full disclosure: I am a die hard fan of all three: Alan Arkin, Al Pacino and Christopher Walken (and

Why Study For A Sonography Degree

In order to work within this profession you require a Sonography degree and some form of training, this is due to the technical nature of the job. You need to be able to look at images that have been scanned, with ease and decide whether anything appears to be unusual

The Art of Delegation

Women have a tendency to be worse at delegating than men although this is not for the same reasons that people in general are not good at delegation. People in general are not good at delegation because delegation takes too much time and too much patience. Good delegation means investing

Hey that was my Idea! All About Stealing Ideas in the Workplace.

Ideas, we share them in the workplace, we present them to our colleagues and our bosses, and when we do this the question is, are they still ours?  Copyright protects completed works or documented ideas but there is no protection for the thousands of ideas floating in our heads.  It

Female Jobs-How Damaging are they to our Careers?

The USA Today had and article on September 24-26, which was call “Sexist jabs scare female hopefuls”.   The article written by Susan Page and gave some good insight into how damaging sexist jabs can be.    Susan’s articles focused on what happens when female political candidates are called sexist names.